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  1. Why did man not ask of his Creator for a source of energy other than the pollutants which have come to degrade the world his Creator made so beautifully for him?  

  2. Man's pride is against him; he had the gall to say - that God is not.  therefore is a spirit of stupor upon him. And shall he now look to his God for help, and expect to be heard?

  3. The Lord the Almighty God taught me many things, and there is no error in His teaching.  And He gave me understanding that by the Spirit thereof I might acquire knowledge to know one and the other, and to gather what is, what has been, and what is to come.  

  4. And in the understanding thereof I have spoken, and in the wisdom that I received of Him I searched out many things, that I might know them and to know them rightly.  

  5. And I applied myself to know many things, searching out His marvelous works that are before us, in the hope that He might give me the understanding thereof.  And what I learned was the greatness of His understanding, and how my vessel is barely able to behold but a grain thereof.

  6. And at times I allowed myself to indulge into speculation, and took to reasoning as men reason, which for their words as many as these may be - error shall not hide itself, which I profess to you lest you should look upon all my word as of wisdom alone.  

  7. For many years I sought for a means to tap unlimited energy, a source that would be both free and clean, until insight was given me.

  8. And I approached the men of this world to reveal it to them, for so I thought; “It is my duty”.  But they would not hear me, they did to me as they had done before, they repaid me with silence, and with ridicule and contempt.

  9. Then I said to myself; "You have acted foolishly in the past of which I said; "This folly will not remain unpunished, for with your foolish actions and your ill spoken proud words you have made me angry.  

  10. And whereas before I was ready to give you the shirt off  my back - even though you mocked me - now instead I will do what I must to with-hold it from this generation of men.

  11. Let them have their foul air, and let them labor for what is of no profit, and if the poisons make them ill - so let them be ill.  For are they not a generation made for destruction, a generation on which the righteous wrath of the Almighty Lord is to descend? 

  12. They will call me foolish, but in due time the Lord will show who is the foolish and who is the wise.  

  13. These letters herein following testify that I did not withhold the knowledge, which God granted me.  It is not that I expected man to accept my word sight unseen, but in their silence to not bother themselves to check into it, to hint to, or at least bother to look into my resume, therefore in my indignation I determined to reward them for their pride and ignorance lavished on me.  

  14. It is none but vanity of man to construct atomic or nuclear power plants, a useless endeavor whereby to harness the energy that he needs. And equally so are his windmills, his hydro electric plants, and his solar energy cells, as well as some other means that he employs.

  15. By the grace of God man is to go on forever.  And how is he to employ his current endeavor for power, when in that new world none of the foolish things which he practices here will exist?  

  16. It will be a new world owned by but a few, and governed by the same, wherein everything will be to perfection, with no harmful effects.

To, The Enterprise newspaper Riverside Ca.  July 1992.


  1. Energy in every form is valued no less than gold.  And to gain it, man will ravish both the earth and his brother.  For as greed comes with power and with gold, so man's need for black gold is inseparable from his desire for gain - justly or unjustly taken.  Good business is often replaced for the term greed, and oppression - as good manners in obtaining it.

  2. If one wishes to be placed on high, will he go to the undertaker?  And in order to find the gold in the earth, will one look up in a tree?  Or to strain the power of a great river, will man look for it in the earth?

  3. Who then will understand my riddles, or my plain speech, or take up an issue with both right and left hands?

  4. There is a new twist in an old issue, or an old twist in a new issue.  Several electrical utility companies have offered a cool 30 million for the first person to deliver a better mousetrap, or as they put it, a refrigerator that is at least 25 to 50 percent more efficient in power consumption.

  5. Can you then visualize the savings that would mean for the public, to have that icebox which runs day and night throughout the whole of the year, half as costly as before?  And if this can be realized for our electric ice makers, it will do no less for all motors that run by electric power, and what a savings that would be?

  6. Are then the power companies planning to cut off their right arm, and willing to pay for it?  Or has their adoration for us made them willing to join the human race? 

  7. I for one do not believe their good intentions, for however sweet the grape may be, unripe it is bitter as hell, and however upright the bear may walk, it is still a four footed beast.

  8. Still we owe it to ourselves and to them to review the case.  How much good then will we, the majority, as also the paying public, realize from such a find?  Will our electric bills go down?  Think again my friend, if nothing else they will go up, for somebody must pay these 30 million, and you know who.

  9. When we were asked to conserve water, because the authorities were striking fame for lack of competence and foresight, striking no blow for new supplies clearly hidden under the soles of their feet, we took their grapes for ripe ones.  

  10. But no sooner did we conserve, or less funds flowed their way.  And whom do you think was found guilty of this immense crime and sentenced without due process of law?

  11. We of course, we conserved, we stole their money, and yes we were indeed the guilty ones, we were the dummies.  For we should have realized, that like "always" in these cases, this is a one way street.  Just because we belong to the human race does not mean they will join us.

  12. What then did we gain with our dead grass, our wilted trees, and our body odor we put up with for a spell?  We lost, while they took no loss.  Nor did we strike any good deeds for mother earth, nor for our community, nor even for our friendly enemies.  

  13. For as yet they have not looked under their shoelaces, nor are they likely to, lest we are milked some more, we after all are the cows and the sheep.

  14. And so comes another mark for an old axiom, that greed knows no end, nor does it recognize boundaries.  And power, as we well know, corrupts.  What incentive is there then for a better mousetrap when we are the ones to get hung-up in it?  

  15. But I must have this all wrong, for at the cost of our lives we are to preserve mother earth.  It is of course naive to ask; what good mother earth is, if not for us?    

  16. But let us ask just "who" is ravishing mother earth and for whom and for what?  If now only we were not so naive we would not right about now have such guilty feelings.

  17. But now another story suppose we did go along to get the boot, how well are we at doing a job half...?  If we truly set ourselves to it we might just go all the way, or become indifferent and leave it at 75%, then what would they say?  I don't think they are ready for our sake to cut off both their hands and feet, and much less pay to have it done to them.

  18. But what are we getting ourselves into?  For who is to say if they will even believe our cunning to go that far?  The fact that three-quarters makes for a better bargaining position than one quarter is not everyone's ticket, and surely not in their favor, wherefore, for the moment, we best keep that to ourselves.

  19. We are however engulfed in this foul excretion of our many four wheeled toys, which came about mainly by the greed of a few who did not wish to have better and cleaner running engines.  Because so they insisted with a frown, these curtail rather than increase the sale of gasoline.  

  20. And why is Southern California without a decent public transportation system?  It could very well be that the sale of ever more tires was more important.  And now that on account of these frailties our freeways have become endless parking lots, we take it with a grain of salt, for who but profits can be endowed with such foresight?

  21. "For a shortage of energy!"  So we are told.  But our hearing must be off, and we replied, "A lack of what?"  "Energy!"  "O yes, we have heard of it.  Is not the ocean full of it, or is that where the desert stormed?  Then I heard them say; "What do you mean - ocean?  You can't run on water!

  22. But now hold on my dear friend, you wish to tell me that water is not a source of energy, or that petrol is the better against H2O three times more powerful?  Show me an ounce of petrol to float a duck, and we will show you an ounce of H and O to float three ducks.  

  23. We have not worked out (as yet) all the details, but twisting water into its components, and plunging it back into its original form, seems to us a much preferred engine, if only you took some "real" effort to perfect it.

  24. And mind you - no cost and no smog!  What?  No cost, no smog?  No way!  We took great effort to build our empires and to brain-wash  the sheep, and to condition them to smoke by merely breathing, shall we then undo our lives triumph?

  25. All metaphors and parables aside, water is one of the best sources of energy, and clean.  And while it is unsafe to store the two components mixed or separately, there are always more ways to skin a cat.  

  26. If then we need a national commitment, let this be an incentive, to discover how we may slice the H from the two O's at the top of the cylinder sufficient for each down-stroke.  And consequently rid ourselves of this unhealthy need for black gold, not to mention smog.

  27. And for that better electric mousetrap, we have yet to hear the real truth.  I for one do not believe that we are ready for it.  And when questioned whether I have or don't have what they are asking for, or better still, my answer will be; I can't tell whether I do or don't.  

  28. I will however say to our generous friends of the utility companies that, for a first, they have as yet to comprehend their words spoken, and to realize the implications that may very well come to haunt them.

  29. Be realistic my dear fellows, for no good physicist or electrical engineer will take it on him (in this case) to ask for a 25 to 50 percent increase in power efficiency.  One could ask for perhaps a 1 to 5 percent increase or for something more near 100, but not any half measure.

  30. Our internal combustion engines may be only 40% efficient, but electrical generators convert mechanical energy into electricity with 95 to 99% efficiency.  What this therefore means in the implications of our proposal to a half measure, is understood herein, that when a generator produces 10 amps - to in-turn power a motor that requires 12 amps to keep the generator turning, there is a loss of 2 amps. 

  31. If then we increase the efficiency of the motor up by 50% it will require only 6 amps to produce the 10 amps of the generator.  Consequently there will be a 4 amp excess to be utilized to any other purpose.

  32. If then we are in fact able to add two and two together, you my generous friend of the power company, will have put yourself out of business.  Should you therefore be taken up on your proposal to your own hurt?

  33. Your proposal, so I submit to the officials of all these power companies, if put in better terms would merit my consideration, but as it is, you do well to reconsider it.  You of course at this point do not know whether my word is fact or fancy, or if I can deliver, but I rather doubt if you are able to deliver.

  34. A whole new means to serve us with clean unlimited energy may please many hearts, but it won't be any ransom for man.  Nor may the same serve him with the benefits he so hoped for, at least in my judgment not this generation which I have come to know, where oppression, greed, and adultery serves itself for breakfast.  

  35. Give me an inch of knowledge and foresight, and I will say that a "new" generation of those that will shortly be left will long enjoy the benefits we may very well deny to ourselves.

  36. The time for new innovation has not passed, but anything on the scale of which we have been speaking warrants more than due consideration.



Leonard Van Zanten.

Mr. Charles Petit.  July 15 1992 San Francisco Chronicle.

Dear Charles.

  1. It will seem hard to believe what you are about to hear, nevertheless this copy will serve me with evidence, that in some future date I shall not justly be accused of willful withholding.

  2. In reference to your article, "Power firms offer a noble price for a better refrigerator," I am able to accommodate them, but the price and the conditions they have set are far too inadequate.

  3. I then take this opportunity through you, to deliver this message to these power companies for their consideration.  They should realize then that the way in which I am able to accommodate them is not quite what they had in mind.  They are looking for a half measure (25 to 50%) in which I cannot help them, but I have been enabled to do better.

  4. They know as I know that currently they are converting mechanical energy into electrical energy at 95 to 99% efficiency.  An increase then in the efficiency in which the mechanical energy may be brought to bear, even if it were only 40% would leave them 35 to 39% of "free" electrical energy.  

  5. Consequently they can do either of two things, they can bring current production up from 99% to 139%, or eliminate the use of fossil fuels altogether, and per unit measure avail themselves of 39% production.

  6. Adding two and two together, what this factually means is a clean unlimited supply of energy at very little cost.  The implications however, as one must realize, will not stop just there.  Power plants as we know them today will become obsolete, and fossil fuels in the millions of automobiles along with smog will become a thing of the past.

  7. Realizing therefore the magnitude of this innovation, we owe it to ourselves to be well prepared, and take no small effort to set a criteria for the global consequences.

  8. I convey my gratitude for their generous offer, but this is not what I had in mind in remuneration for my efforts, nor of course will the conditions as outlined suit the magnitude of the innovation at hand.

Sincerely  Leonard Van Zanten.

LETTER   (Not send)

Leonard Van Zanten.  July 1992.

Facts of the matter.

  1. What we are speaking of in the innovation to a clean and unlimited source of power entails a major change in the way we are currently set.  Many millions of people will find their jobs no longer for the better and will have to learn new skills.  A multitude of factories and warehouses will find themselves sated and dealing with obsolete items they can no longer sell.

  2.   The oil industry which employs many people, and on which the economy of whole nations depends will grind down to a trickle.  And no less will the energy transportation and coal mining industry be affected, their whole livelihood becoming obsolete, as well as the many current power stations.

  3. Manufacturers of such items as air conditioners, refrigerators, generators, industrial equipment, and a whole list more, will be in for a change, a change that can be costly, and who or how many in this and every other thing will be trampled upon in the rivalry?

  4.   The change can employ many people, but equally as many if not more could find themselves unemployed.  The work involved in dismantling the multitude of power poles and power stations, as well as the conversion of the many items and new tooling can keep many busy for some time to come, but the funds must also come from somewhere.

  5. We are to undo much of what we have done, and adapt a change in a society where change comes slowly, and greed runs faster than any.  

  6. And that coupled together with the wars we will wage against one another, and the severe famine's which are to strike the earth, we should well consider if perhaps this is neither the time nor the generation in which an innovation of this magnitude should be introduced.

  7.   But all this speech shall have little meaning when in the first place no one will take me seriously, nor will it then become of any benefit to this generation.  No doubt it will be said; "Produce the evidence, and we will take you up on it".  

  8. But my dear fellow citizens if I did that without due preparation I would find myself with a knife in my back, and the world heading for chaos at my instigation for the ignorance of my actions.

  9. No, I am not wickedly withholding what can be of great benefit to all people everywhere.  But I will not be the instrument of chaos nor of greed to rise to still greater heights.  

  10. When you wish a structure build for you, and you employ a carpenter to do so, will you ask of that carpenter that he first built the structure for you to judge whether he is able to the job before you hire him?  

  11. No, you do not, you either take his word for it that he is able, or you look at his reputation, his resume, to insure yourself that he is able.

  12.   Will you then do differently with me?  If I built the structure before you chose to hire me, what incentive will there be for you to pay me?  Shall I trust you for your honesty, as I have done so many times and was robbed?  If an ass does not bruise himself twice on the same stone, I am worse.


Charles Petit.  July 20-1992.

San Francisco Chronicle.

  1. Quote:  For any speculation which does not at first glance looks crazy, there is no hope."  Freeman Dyson.

  2. A point well made, for who would not be skeptical at the thought of one taking a whole new unlimited source of energy right out of the air?  ­We are accustomed to having to fight for everything, and to labor at the sweat of our brow for all that comes to our benefit.  How then shall he be taken seriously claiming to have the means to so drastically ease man of his burden?

  3. If as little as 200 years ago one had said that by merely passing conductors through a magnetic field (generator) they could have light without the use of candles, they would not have taken him seriously, or at best asked him what "conductors" is.

  4. Yet now 200 years later this is an every day common thing and as simple as ABC.  What therefore is simple or impossible is a point of view that resolves itself in knowledge.  

  5. Newton was not believed until someone had the foresight to place his name in defense of it.  And will not everything always be difficult or impossible as long as it is not known or understood?

  6. Who would have thought some years ago that we would be walking on the moon, and that computers would become a household item?  

  7. If one had been so enterprising a few hundred years ago to insist that a machine can be made to perform additions and divisions all by itself, and that man could fly through the air like the birds, his fellows might have put him to rest as surely insane.

  8. Are we now any different this day from our forebears?  We ought to be, for time and again we have seen and physically experienced the errors of discounting such foresight.  If then these things have not taught us anything, it is best that I be laid to rest, for to what benefit shall I have been to have a world at my fingertips vanish in unbelief and pre-justice?

  9. "He who withholds grain from the people curses his neighbor", so the Preacher said.  How then will he be judged in later years that failed in courage to stand-up under the pre-justice of his fellows?  And how will it be when he shares himself?  

  10. I might quote Louis Agassiz as he said; "Every great scientific truth goes through three stages.  First people say, it conflicts with the Bible, next they say; it has been discovered before.  Lastly they say; they always believed it."

  11. If now Louis is right, why do I have to reveal what is secured in my knowledge, since it has already been discovered?  And why then the skepticism, and the unbelief, since they always knew and believed?

  12. He is right however for people do act in just that ill manner.  When I had my patent pending on the curved impeller, which for some years now is being experimented with, exists in nearly every automobile and then some, I went to mold-makers if they knew a means to construct the mold.  

  13. The gall then having to hear from some, how, yes they done this before, but nevertheless they had no means to make anything the likes of it.  At end therefore I had to invent my own means to perform that which they knew so well, and had done, and yet were not able to.

  14. I can get in trouble just putting points and comma's in the wrong places, how much trouble then can I get in to put knowledge in the right place when that was supposed to have come from someone who had not the means to pronounce it?  My best bet no doubt is to shut-up, but then do me the favor of putting me to rest with all those whom no longer can speak.

  15. Is it not a bit of pre-justice of the power companies to focus their reward to the appliance industry?  Are there not gifted persons in all walks of life who might very well out-perform that narrow margin of human endeavor?  

  16. If I might make another quotation of Galileo Galilei; "In questions of science - the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual."

  17. This certainly points to a truth to which history has repeatedly been witness, or is our pre-justice so severe that even history in all its lessons is no more than a window, which for its transparency cannot be seen?

  18. I never was much for taking on small matters, for some twenty years now, ever since that first energy crunch; I have labored to resolve the energy crisis.  And now I am astonished at my own predictions, if one should call it that.  

  19. All that labor and the pain to discover something, which for all practical purposes can only be awarded - not discovered.  Accordingly as Solomon said, "All is vanity, what does man gain by all the toil at which he toils under the sun?"

  20. By trial and error man goes forth, but not always in strides, for in all his labors what is his gain if not as Solomon again said, "For to the man who pleases Him God gives wisdom and knowledge and joy."  And again, "For everything there is a season and a time, a time to keep silence, and a time to speak."  

  21. Have I then been silent too long, or shall I quote Erwin Schrodinger as he said; "If you cannot in the long run tell everyone what you have been doing, your doing has been worthless".

  22. There are several means to secure unlimited energy, electrically, chemically, mechanically, or by any combination of the three.  One obvious means, as most energy experts will agree, and what they foresee as the future source of power, is to effectively harness the Hydrogen atom.  The supply of water on the earth is for all practical purposes unlimited when in utilizing it we return it to its original state.

  23. I ceased experimenting when in a trial run the thing blew up in my face, and at once I had enough of the great power of the Hydrogen atom.  Yet that has not kept me altogether from it.

  24. Electrically, the water molecule is sliced into its two components within a molecular size tube the wall of which is a twisting formation of force in two opposing directions.  The separate components then are locked within that tube unable to escape until one or the other electrode breaks the tube.

  25. And to procure the same at the top of the piston in quantities sufficient to drive the engine so that at no time there is any repetition of what almost did me in. This would be a means essential for all aircraft too clean-up their exhaust.  

  26. If therefore a national commitment is in order, let us reach for it, and like our late President Kennedy, who reached for the moon, ours should this time be fixed upon our earth.

  27. Skeptical then as you Charles or anyone else may be, yes I am jealously guarding a means to unlimited energy even better than the foregoing.  For while in effect I may not have labored for it, still I labored for it in vain, and what laborer is not worthy of his pay vainly performed or otherwise?

  28. And who is to say what may come from it?  For again I can quote Leo Tolstov (War & Peace) as he said; "The highest wisdom has but one science - the science of the whole - the science explaining the whole creation and man's place in it."

  29. And now what shall I pronounce to convince you Charles or anyone else?  Shall I quote Charles Lamb as he said; "The world meets nobody half way!"?  If he is right, woe to man, and if not, consider well Charles if you want your name perpetuated in the annals of history.

Letter not send.

Leonard Van Zanten.

  1. "A fool speaks folly and his mind plots iniquity to speak error of the Lord, to leave the craving of the hungry empty, and to deprive the thirsty of drink, to ruin the poor with false words.  But he who is noble devises noble things, and by noble things he stands." (The Lord by Isaiah).

  2.   To all you who will hear me the condition which I request in trade for the knowledge which the Almighty Lord gave me regarding a limitless source of energy.  

  3. I wish to see working criteria as to how you will proceed to manufacture and share this innovation among yourselves to the benefit of all.  To behold that the small and the needy will not be put on the wayside, and that you shall not increase the number of the poor or the unemployed, nor create chaos.

  4.   My request or payment if you will; put the homeless into homes, the jobless into jobs, and cease from your abortions.  For I am not concerned so much in the death of these many helpless infants since each of these will be awarded me, but my concern is for the pain and the torment in which you the parents will come.  

  5. I would rather spare you the parents, the doctors the nurses, and lawyers, governors, and whosoever consents to these murders, the pain that will descent upon them with the rod of iron of the Almighty Lord to rule you into everlasting.

Letter not send.  Aug 1992


  1.   Do not everywhere this day even more as before the officers of the governing bodies practice oppression, making so called rules and laws to their own profit?  Corruption is not a vice to them, but a way of life, and their good pleasure.  

  2. Without straining a muscle in their faces they speak lies upon lies before the whole public, and when confronted with clear evidence to the contrary they deny participation.

  3.   And whom will you trust among the rich to give you a fair shake, or your rulers, that they will not impose laws which for their facade are for you, but in reality will come to serve them only at your expense?  

  4. Are not rulers called devouring lions, and judges night owls and foxes?  And who are the greedy if not those that are well seated and for their facade contribute to many charities?

  5. Will you trust your corporate officers that control the wealth and therewith the labors of a nation?  Who will call them to account when they do as they please regardless of how you the people may complain?  

  6. Did they not strangle whole nations some years ago in their effort to produce gain to themselves?  And who is at their side with law and force if not the rulers whom they directly or indirectly control?

  7.   Shall we now blind ourselves to the ways of men, or downplay the reality of what predators are to the flocks of sheep and the herds of cattle on which by nature they prey?  For even as their nature is, and you also in your nature, they can no more be you, as you can be them.

  8. But the day is coming when the king of beast shall eat straw like the ox, as the Lord said, "Behold a King will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule in justice, each will be like a hiding place from the wind, a covert from the tempest."  

  9. How ironic now that in the midst of famine food is given to still the hunger, and yet I cannot go to serve the needy.  For like man's charities, if one is to bring a loaf of bread to a needy soul, he must needs carry a pistol in the other hand.  What irony then to have to kill in order to save.

  10.   The words of the Lord, that a King shall reign in righteousness, and princes rule in justice, that my dear people shall be the time for which to wait and look forward to.  

  11. When the King of glory shall de-throne the princes of this earth, and bring all the ruthless under the earth.  When the wealthy shall no longer be known in gold and silver, but in righteousness and in truth, then peace will reign.

  12. When greed shall no longer be fashionable and oppression bring swift judgment on itself that shall be the time to abolish old smelly practices and adopt new innovations.  When liars and thieves altogether lie in the bright sun eaten by vultures and other wild beast, then hope will arrive for the meek at heart.   

  13. And when princes and priests together will have their abode where there are no flocks, nor crafts to perform but to accuse one another night and day forever, then peace will have come together with all its benefits.

  14.   My speech now is more than fair, yet who will concede that I speak of a truth?  "Prove yourself."  So no doubt you will say - as if I spoke only to a wall.  And, "We cannot know whether he is right", so you will acclaim.  

  15. On this point I however beg to differ with you, that you can know, that the unseen can be seen, the hidden thing in the many others that are not hidden.  

  16. "You could be the richest man on the face of the earth", so some will acclaim.  But my dear fellow I am already that and more, will you pay me out of my own coffers?   How difficult indeed it is for man to comprehend how the Almighty Lord did indeed sow among man such to whom earthly wealth and/or glory has no meaning.

  17.   Have you factually considered how it might be that I understand such things which man has barely begun to grasp, such things, which in their definition are in fact simple?  Or that I speak of things which before this day has not been spoken?  

  18. And shall such be the full extend of what the Lord may have granted me?  Who among you placed the calendar back to its original?  And what was so difficult about it - if not to know what is in a word?  

  19. You pass through all the seasons' year by year, and yet who among your wise men was able to define how they came about?

  20. Have your priests known how to read a word that they might teach you God's truth?  Such few as were ordained and anointed of God, who did not appoint themselves were given to know what is in a word.  And why then do you not pay heed to these rather than those blind ones whose foremost love is money?

  21.   Man reads yes, but how does man read?  He beholds words but he does not comprehend them, he takes account of numbers, but they do not jibe, nor does he realize that he does not know.  Do I have to prove such things with examples?  

  22. And should I do so, will you have the insight or the heart to acknowledge the same?  Correlating factors, like two and two to add, how difficult can such be?  Am I being unfair? 

  23. Who defines fundamentals if not the High Lord alone?  And who was He to show your feet upon the ground, and the waters subdued rather than to rise for gravity?  

  24. And again, what was the light into your eyes if not a maze of contradictions?  Who is the wiser of the wise among you if not he who is taught from above, whose knowledge is the Lord's?  

  25.   Am I boasting in myself to have a knowledge exceeding the wise?  I cannot say like the Psalm; "That I exceed my teachers in knowledge, nor that Thy law O Lord has made me wiser than those who taught me," because I had no teacher from among men, nor was I taught by man, nor by their teachings.  

  26. But in this I will boast - that I know and understand the Almighty One, the Great One, and that I know His truth, and know it perfectly.

  27. The innovation to limitless energy, I say to you, is not for this generation, but for a generation to come, for the generations of the meek.  Understand therefore what you have rejected in the ignorance of your ways.


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