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  1. Since it contrary in all phenomena that an electrically charged particle should draw or withdraw from any other electrical particle in nature, the same being clearly evidenced, the atom in its workings as made by man is but an elaborate hoax.

  2. And yes it is elaborate for all that is written and illustrated about it, all of which, their books, their illustrations, and all of their text-books may as well be burned, or cast into the depth of the seas, for it is not possible to merely correct upon them. Their hard-drives may just as well be trashed.

  3. I know very well that my words are extremely damaging to man and his conceptions, but this I reveal to you that - it is not of me that it has come to pass in this way, even though I am to pay the price for it.  If one has an ear so let him hear.

  4. And yes, you men of the earth, your labors are for nothing, with your ideals but for the scrap-yard, and your aspirations concerning the atom have taken wings, not ever to return.

  5. And so indeed I have said how; "Electricity - as a flow of electrons -- is a  vicious outright lie." With man's atom as no more than a joke, and sheer fantasy.

  6. But why would I call the mere ignorance of man a lie, and that a vicious one?   Am I perhaps one of them?  The answer for my part is a yes and a no.  

  7. For yes I too was ignorant of the truth, and of the facts of nature as they so clearly showed themselves.  But no, I did not build any standards, nor any statutes, nor did I boast, but rather I had my reservations, and came to think about it if indeed they were so.

  8. I at least looked for evidence, for something to confirm or disaffirm that which we were claiming and placing our believes upon. And how simple that is, for one need do no more than plug a wire into any outlet and see if the electrical in the wires will act like magnets.

  9. Since then along with all other men I also was unaware of the facts proving or disproving our cherished notions, it still did not confirm itself to me as any fact, since the Almighty One instilled within me a sense of common sense.

  10. And now after the fact, having realized the evidence to the contrary, I am asking myself how I could have been so dull not to have realized so much of that evidence in times past?  

  11. For so it came about that the Lord instilled within me the quest for an answer to the nature of the atom. And as I took upon it, I came to ask of Him if perhaps He might grant me that answer, if to Him it was permissible for me to have such knowledge.

  12. And as I now understand it, He gave me to know everything, revealing the same unto me, its workings one in all.  But this one thing, to comprehend the very nature of these very points of dust, known as atoms, He granted me as in a fog, seen but not seen, showing itself but not clearly.

  13. How thus it is by God's grace that a man comes to know and understand the world around him, and that of which he is made.   How good therefore it is to love and obey Him, so that such things as are good and righteous may be given him.

  14. For unto the wicked, to them that scorn His precepts, and even speak of Him as if He were not, no such rich gifts will be awarded them.


  1. Fact number 1:  It is not possible for an electron to repel from any other electron since electrical charges do not display such movements, only linear magnetic entities do.

  2. Fact number 2: It is not possible for an electron to have a single charge, better said to have but one half of a charge, since all electrical entities always display their nature with both polarities. (The two sides of any current for their so called polarity are nothing more than a point of view)

  3. Fact number 3: A half a charge (single) is the same as a single sided coin, which do not exist, nor have ever been found to exist. This goes for proton as electron.

  4. Fact number 4: It is not possible for protons to draw on any electron, nor even on one another, since all of the electrical phenomena in nature clearly demonstrates that there is no linear push nor pull from any such polarities.  Magnetic entities alone are found to do so.

  5. Fact number 5: Protons clustered into a core, cannot possibly draw towards or away from each other, since in their electrical nature there is no push nor pull.  Nor therefore are the none existent neutrons needed.

  6. This now I said merely to humor man, talking to them like a father to an four year old child. From here we come to number 6.

  7. Fact number 6: The atom does not consist of protons, nor of electrons, but rather of something of which there is no term. While then I gave it the term of "Finite Dust," it is but a snow-job on man, a reflection of what is real. To bind an atom is real simple, the evidence in how and why is seen everywhere, but in order to see a man is in need of eyes.

  8. Fact number 7: The atoms in all respects are like minute magnets, having the ability to repel and/or attract to one another.  Each of them displaying that coordinate of eight, so well known in all planets and stars.

  9. Fact number 8: No force of any kind is needed within or upon the core of any atom, since the magnetic eight is well suited to quell its substance into a sphere.

  10. Fact number 9: No attraction nor repulsion is required within the perimeter of the atom, its wake as it may be said, (where supposedly the electron would orbit,) since that substance lies imbedded within the confines of its eight of force. (just like mother earth rests within its eight of force)

  11. Fact number 10: How then the atoms come to be magnetic entities -- is something I reserve but for myself, and for others to contemplate upon.

  12. Fact number 11: 'c' does not stand for any velocity of any wave simply because there are always two velocities, wherefore it is Vc or Vr, (c for constant, r for relative.)

  13. Fact number 12: To calculate the velocity of a wave, it is always the relative velocity, since the constant never needs calculation.  Therefore it is Vr = Vc : Wl + am x Wl, a three dimensional calculation. (Wl is wavelength, 'am' is amplitude) (The division then always comes to -full- frequencies, with the 'x' to velocity relative.)

  14. Fact number 13: For any quest into what frequency is; it must relate to whatever these rates of event are factually produced. Quoting frequencies to the maximum for any wave, is like a chicken talking without its head.

  15. Fact number 14: To quote a space velocity without its wavelength is ignorance at its worst, spoken from minds without knowledge and devoid of common sense.


  1. Magnetic field it is not merely created by an electrical field, nor electric by merely magnetic, and yet  an electrical field "can" produce a magnetic field, but with the help of another agent.

  2. Electricity, as a rotating magnetic movement are like wheels, which then create a linear flow the magnetic flow, (Like a vehicle upon the road.) (another reflection)

  3. A magnetic field, however one wishes -- cannot create an electric field unless there is an additional movement in the angular or linear. (Generators)

  4. An electrical field likewise cannot create the linear flow of a magnetic nature unless it passes in an angular around the flow, in which case it is always a full circuit, positive and negative.

  5. It all boils down to angular's promoting linear's, and linear's promoting angular, aside of which no other exists. To push or to pull in the linear - can only be by a linear, and not angular.

  6. Positive can never at all be separated from negative, nor visa versa, since these are no more than a point of view of any single movement.   (No reflection here)

  7. Atoms do not have any electrical properties, other than with the help of the light of the sun, or some other agent, a rotating coordinate in the design of an eight {Magnetic} may be formed over and upon them. Note how I said; "Over - and - upon them.

  8. The rotation of the nucleus is not an electrical property, nor is it a magnetic property, but simply a spinning movement induced upon it by an other agent, with any further definition as crossing a threshold, and left for man to speculate upon.

  9. A magnetic field is never an electrical field, since that which is active only in the linear cannot be said to be angular.

  10. And where - in cunning - we pronounce to say; "Electro-magnetic," that bird has yet to be born, unless one is speaking of two birds, one courting the other.

  11. As then light for its identity is an angular and passing linearly it as such cannot be called electrical for two reasons. 

  12. First of all, the term electrical deals with none other than an rotating coordinate.  And second, the electrical wave (coordinate) in its rotational movement must present that typical magnetic formation of eights end on end, which is not so with light.

  13. In all reality electricity does not run a motor, it only powers it, it is magnetic force that turns the armature. Nor is there a single device in the world - ever to consume electricity, since electricity can only be used, never consumed.

  14. When the dams constructed to hold back the water of a river serve to water the fields -- they are worthwhile projects, but for the production of electricity they show man's ignorance in the sciences. They need never be.

  15. An alternator does not generate electricity by moving in a circle, it only causes a magnetic field to continually reverse its polarity, which in turn causes the rotational magnetic field, or flow of movement to be set up, which is the electricity - in the worst way of producing it.

  16. No magnetic field, nor any lines thereof, nor any electrical can be found with any proton nor electron. This is so since man invented them to be single sided coins, and as long as man can not produce any such coin, they shall be a void, as the mind of man is void.

  17. If electricity is a surplus or deficit of electrons, then electricity cannot exist, since it has nothing at all to do with electrons who themselves do not exist.

  18. Like letters and words that form into sentences -- so are the atoms. Take for example the words HERE and THERE; there are four in the first but five in the second. As then the four of both of them are in the same order, it is but one added to make for an altogether different meaning.

  19. And so it is with the atoms, two of E spaced between an R, with one of H to the left thereof, it is a specific compound - like as one edible to eat.  But with an atom of T added onto the H, it is altogether distant from us and cannot be eaten.

  20. Or like the words WAS, and SAW. There are three types of atoms in the both of them. As then one was history, while the other was seen - is in the arrangement of them, one just reversed from the other.

  21. In their fundamental scope all atoms are of the same so called substance to vary in size and quantity, which in turn induces each one with a specific coordinate by which to operate.

  22. If thus you wish to understand the fundamental scope of the elements and compound elements, as well as cells and whole bodies, look to the alphabet, how letters form into words and words to sentences (cells) and these again into entire books. (bodies).

  23. When the Almighty Creator of man calls upon man to grant him a better way, and they will not listen, then let man work his fingers to the bone, and perish in the foul excretion of his arrogance.

  24. The seemingly endless array of power poles stretched over the landscape illustrates man's ignorance in the science of electricity. They need not ever be.

  25. In the world to come there will be no power poles, nor any man to make a profit from his neighbor since clearly the term of profit will not be affixed in any, and I do mean any phase of society.

  26. And since money was called the root of all evil, it will no longer be made nor printed, nor therefore hoarded.

  27. This world is for many, but the world to come for few, and since the term of few is but for two or three, whom do you think will be the sole owners?  It will be none of the rich, nor of the rulers of the earth, nor any born of the earth.

  28. In the age to come I will have a multitude into schools of learning with no charge, and supply them with all their needs, food, clothing, as well as lodging, with more love and devotion than any student ever had.

  29. What man or company in this world will pay its employees with full pay in their vacations even if these were of a longer duration than the days in which he labored?  As then there is no kindness in this world- it is with me, now and forever.

  30. The children of the earth will not come to own any property nor even their dwellings, or the clothe on their backs, nor will there be taxes nor interest of any kind, because each will walk in the name of his god, but we in the name of the Almighty Father.

  31. Of someone it has been said; "A god of the sciences and of learning." If then I am so, why will you not believe me, or learn from me?  I am but a pushover, and much too generous for my own good.


  1. And now for some reality into our vocabulary.

  2. There is no attraction nor repulsion found in electrical, only magnets are so enabled.  If then by cunning you will answer me, that it is "electro-magnetic", you ought to first show that bird unto us, if there be any wings upon it to fly.

  3. How do you spell electro-magnetic?  What is magnetic and what is electro?  We know of magnets as magnetic, and of electro as in electricity, because the first is equal in saying - that we know of moving in the linear, and the second - as moving in a circle. 

  4. But to say "circle-linear", or "angular-linear", (the reality of electro-magnetic) these in all respects show us -- not as one bird, -- but two birds on the move.

  5. For if I am walking forward in a straight line, I can not simultaneously walk sideways to a ninety degree angle as well.  It is not that I cannot move to a ninety degree angle as long it is so relevant to a fixed line of reference.  

  6. Since it is clear as a bell that whether I walk forward in a straight line, or turn to a ninety degree deviation thereof I am still walking a straight line.

  7. So how does one relate "electro" with "magnetic"?  Is it - because it just sounds fancy, or, it is in our ego to acclaim to have something which we do not have?

  8. Personally I do not have an ego, nor an ax to grind, wherefore I will translate it for us, to say:  That the interpretation of electro-magnetic is:  "In a circle moving straight, or, turning-straight." 

  9. In other words; That I am walking in a circle-straight.   If now I were walking straight in a circle, and no one questions my sanity, I would still be wrong since the turning (electro) comes before the straight (magnetic).

  10. You would not care to explain to us how -- by turning in a circle you are moving straight on, -- now would you?   If not so, then drop the act of electro-with-magnetic, before the authorities come to place you in a sanitarium where there are more of those whose minds are a bit out of whack.

  11. I for one have never been able to drive from Denver to Seattle, and from there to Los Angeles and Denver again acclaiming that I went straight to New York. If I did, one would acclaim me to have been educated in man's schools of physics.

  1. Figure 72-7 has however something in the way of electro-magnetic does it not?   For it has an electrical current inducing a magnetic field upon a bar.  But no matter how we adjust our eyes - it still looks like two birds - and not just one.  For there is the rotating flow, and the straight on moving flow.

  2. If by man's so called sanity the circle of electricity is a bunch of electrons on the move, why are they spending so much of the taxpayers funds on these accelerators, and not rather plug a wire into any outlet to have their bombardment with?

  3. For we know that electricity travels at the speed of light, while these have yet to attain to that velocity with any of their overprized toys.   And seeing how man's electricity is so full of electrons pulling whole atoms together, what is their invention for the magnetic kind? 

  4. Are it also electrons to pull the two magnets together?  If so, these magnets must not have taken a shower, for when they are faced in certain ways they run like hell to get away from each other.

  5. And where then would they go? Back into their magnets again?  But if they did - how is that spacing between them to be accounted for?  If these are not there, you better fire them for being derelict of duty.

  6. And we suppose that when they have taken a shower, it must be males from the one side, and females from the other, coming together to party? Or have an orgy?

  7. In all reality let us drop the act of electro from the magnetic, since these are two birds, moving into different directions. Nor therefore can there be a matrimony from such as go each their own way.

  1. In the illustration here the attraction is claimed to be by "electrostatic," that we of course presume as meaning "Static electricity." The term "static" then with electricity conveys like a self standing, and we equate with thunderstorms, and with scuffing by which one generates a charge upon himself.

  2. Like scuffing upon a carpet, that is by making a linear movement (foot) upon a base (carpet) one is creating rolling movements by which to electrify himself.

  3. This is fundamentally no different from the generators at hydro-electric plants, or any such generator - that also utilize a passing (armature) movement over a stationary field.

  4. Only in the illustration here I do not see how there is any scuffing, nor any linear or circular movement courting a stationary field; -how therefore shall it be static, or any kind of generator?


  1. Is it not absolutely marvelous how the Lord made everything, how here in Figure 72-6, by no more than simple movement turning in a circle around a bar (at the input area) it creates another movement?

  2. As then the first is a circular (angular) direction of movement, - within the bar a straight on, or linear movement is produced. 

  3. And this is but the beginning of the miracle, for with a second set of - not electrical, - but physical turns mind you - at the output end, a whole new circular (electrical) movement can be made.

  4. But in order to do so we must continually reverse the polarity of the input motion, since in so doing we are turning the metal bar into a pump, a pump like unto the arm of a steam locomotive.

  5. And so; what in effect are we doing?  It is like when having sex, you are making a back and forth movement, or, in heading towards your neighbor, then turning around - you head back again.


  1. That pumping thus is like setting a wheel in motion, in circular motion, which is then introduced into those "physical turns" of wire to act as a whole new set of circular movements known as electricity.

  2. Conclusively, not one - but two actions are required to achieve our goal. If per example you applied a direct current to the turns at the input, you would merely magnetize the bar, to set up a linear line within it. (Illustrated by Figure 72-7)

  3. This is so since in order to get a steam locomotive to start moving, you must turn its wheels, and to do so, you pump them with the arm of the piston fastened at a strategic location upon that wheel.

  4. But here comes a most fascinating miracle, namely; that turns are turns, and yes I am going to repeat it, how turns are turns.  

  5. And what I mean is; be it an immaterial coordinate of movement making turns, or a wire that is but a physical entity wound up in circles, turns are turns.

  6. And turns compensate for turns, all because turns are turns. At the input there are but 5 turns while we placed ten physical turns at the output. And in so doing because turns are turns, we doubled the rate of rotation upon them.

  7. At the input the rate of movement is at 110 revolutions per second, while in the output it increased to 220 revolutions per second.  So you see how electricity is nothing other than movement, and that in the circular, while magnetic is in the linear.

  8. For you would not call the arm of a steam locomotive to be a circular object now do you? Nor will you speak of the wheel to which it is fastened as a linear object.

  9. And to have a second look at this generator, as in fact it is; we started with no more than 110 revolutions per second, and why then should that coil at the output come to turn twice as fast, when we did no more than pump a rotation equal to those 110 revolutions per second?

  10. The answer, that by now should be obvious is; -- in that turns are turns, physical or otherwise. 

  11. But that all in itself is not the whole reason why the rate of rotation came to be twice as fast, it is also and foremost because electricity does not flow through a wire, it is merely extended upon it.

  12. By logical reasoning we would conclude - that it should not make any difference as to how many turns there may be at the output, since we are generating (inducing) the electricity upon it by no more than the 100 revolutions per second. 

  13. The electricity itself however comes to contradict us in our logical reasoning by which we surmised that it should be. And how may that be?  The answer is again in that turns make for turns.  When we turn a generator at 60 cycles, that amounts to a rate of 3600 rpm. (60 per second is 3600 per minute) (Our standard rate by which light-bulbs turn on and off)

  14. But at that same rpm we can generate almost any voltage, that is the same as saying; any rate of revolutions per unit of time upon the conductors.  Which of course is accomplished by the number of turns, just as it is in the high number of turns in our automobiles by which a spark is introduced upon the spark plug, that came from nothing more than a 12 volt battery.

  15. And so how shall I say this, if not turns make for turns, and that the rate of revolution is in the number of them.  It is like the electricity looking at our 110 rate of input, after which the electricity says; Yes, but I have twice as many turns, so I am going to turn twice as fast.

  16. Conclusively electricity is never a flow of, but a fixed rotation. Nor will it be found upon any wire unless and until it is used, or activated.  In other words until the circuit is completed. Any magnet next to an electric wire clearly shows that as long as the circuit is not complete - there is no electricity.

  17. Odd, and strange as this may be, it nevertheless is a fact demonstrated by nature in all that we may experiment upon.

  18. How marvelous therefore that turns are turns, be they physical or immaterial, which all in itself presents us with sufficient evidence that electricity is none other than a turning movement. Or, just turns, and more turns.

  19. But now from angular to linear, in reference to Figure 72-7, it is correct that by a circular movement, (the electrical current in the wire) a linear is formed. But that linear (magnetic) is in all respects the central area of again circular movements, the cross over areas in the figure of eight.

  20. Magnetic movement in the design of its formation resembling the number of eight, may thus equally be called an angular movement since it completes a full circular path within the form of an eight. 

  21. But for its outcome and the power of it, - it is linear, and as such able to repel or join with others of its kind.   Nor therefore is there any other type of movement able to draw, and/or repel.

  22.  And this by consequence leaves electricity as solely rotational - not able to draw nor repel into the linear, which is what is needed in order to have any one part adhere to the other. (equal in saying; "To make for a molecule.)


  1.   Then comes this miracle by the hand of the Almighty Creator, how one movement is so susceptible to the next movement.  Just to have any kind of motion to in its nature of - be conductive.

  2. For when we look at all sorts of motions we do not find them to be conductive, like as the wind, or a vehicle upon the road, or the stroking of our sexual activity. Yet when we touch our skin - it is felt.  But shall that be as we say - conductive?

  3. Conductivity all in itself relays itself to us as joining, to adhere to, but then only if the two are in like directions of, or in like nature of, and not otherwise since then they are repulsive.  For so it is with the movements between the U shaped irons in Figure 72-8.

  4. And equally so with ourselves, a man and a woman being a single entity, where man to man and woman to woman is repulsive.  Or like positive and negative that are always a single entity, and never understood by our scientists, or even the world for that matter.


  1. To us motion is motion, a moving of, but to have a kind of motion that will physically join with one another, is a movement not anything in our perception.  Or if it is -- that person has yet to learn.

  2. But this thing we do know, and is quite clear to us, that they do join as seen in all that is of a magnetic nature. 

  3. As then the same is true only when in direction of, we are again in the dark as to the how and why, and we must leave it as a miracle of the Lord, the Almighty One, to have ordained it in just that way.

  4. As therefore we look at Figure 72-9, we behold a number of magnetic entities holding on to one another with their internal movements in the design of an eight, and keeping at a distance of one another by again the very same movements in the directions thereof.

  5. Nor therefore should we introduce any kind of electricity into these parts, unless we apply it to them, like in securing it upon a copper conductor.  Or if with the help of sunlight an overall rotational formation may be induced upon them.

  6.    How magnificent now our Creator is to construct these bodies in which we as spirits have our abiding, and to keep that heart pumping day and night year after year. 

  7. And no less for our breathing, that we never stop breathing, unless and until the Lord orders your spirit to be recalled and removed from your body.

  8. We have a fancy word for it, we call it death.  But how can it be death when it is merely a recall of our homes?  

  9. What therefore was made out of the dust will return into dust, but that which was caused to dwell within that dust can only be taken, and as such transported.

  10. This is so since all that the Almighty One created, He made it so that it might remain, or else He would not have made it.   

  11. For here again there is no act of the Lord but with a sure purpose, which is besides the fact that He knows all that is as yet to be - long before it ever comes to pass.

  1. This is so because He is God, and the One and only God, and for all that may be or not be, there is not anything which He cannot do, for with Him is all wisdom, and Him being the very source of that wisdom.

  2. How therefore He in His being is inconceivable, for as great as His works are, He is yet greater than all of them. And how great shall that not be seeing all that is in the universe, and how endless that appears unto us.

  3. How thus are we to acquire even an inkling into the complexity of that which He has made so marvelously in appearance as well as in the endless quantities thereof?  

  4. When we look at a DNA we cannot even begin to write down the coordinates, nor the sequence that the Almighty One has pronounced upon it whereby even a single human being might be formed.

  1. How for example are a bunch of atoms formed into a string of clusters to know where the head should be, or that there should be two feet with five toes upon them, and the eyes to appear above the mouth, with all the delicacies upon which the five senses are to work?

  2. If there were only a hundred atoms we would not know which one to put where, nor by what sequence these are to relate to one another to form anything at all of what we wish to be formed, for in the first place we do not know the atom in all of its coordinates - to know how it will proceed.

  3. Yet the Creator of it does, and that when there are a zillion of them to work in harmony.  Otherwise instead of two human legs, it might form the four legs of a Antelope, with horns upon the head.

  4. And so when we look around at the multitude of different creatures how each one turns out as they should be, we are astounded, to be formed from nothing more than atoms, in a quantity that cannot be numbered.

  5. But even more astounding is this; how to each one of these creatures the spirit is fastened to turn them into living creatures. For the spirit, even though we do not know what a spirit is, I at least know this much that these are not constructed of atoms.


  1. Then there is yet all the plant life, a progression of the atoms to follow the order pronounced upon them that we often by - figure of speech - also call life. And no less for the stars and the many planets that encircle them, how these keep faith with one another.

  2. And having taken but a glimpse into the universe with its many galaxies, there is no way at all for us to understand but a fraction of all that exist and is taking place.  

  3. As then He who called all of this to come into existence is greater than all His works, who would not be utterly undone before His inestimable majesty?

  4. Consider just how or why the Lord made the atoms so very small, that a million of them can fit within a single millimeter. If He had made them any larger, how large would the smallest of Ants have to be for a full working system?

  5. Or the threads of a spider web what their diameter would have to be.  And if we gather all of the web of a spider into a single ball, it appears larger than the spider itself.  From where thus did she collect all that thread?

  6. Or the fine tentacles within and upon the flowers for their reproduction, how large would these have to be if but each atom measured one millimeter across?  And equally marvelous how God made our sexual reproduction so much more enjoyable than that of the flowers.

  7. For this also is of the Lord in His endless grace to His creatures, how they may have such rejoicing in coming together. And that goes for many animals as well.

  8. Or our eyesight; how billions of light-waves enter our eyes focusing on a single point, and yet we - at the speed of light - interpret these movement into the entire scene of our beholding. If than that alone is not a marvel of creation, what will one name?

  9. No computer was ever that smart since they still operate on a binary system to have multiple numbers for even a single letter.

  10. Since then we can barely behold the atomic grid, and that with some powerful microscopes, to the Lord all these are as clear and as open as the sun is to our eye. And while He oversees the whole of the universe in the glance of His eye, we cannot even see our own selves all at once.

  11. And yes I do mean to elevate and glorify Him who made all things, for He is worthy of it, nor is there anyone beside Him so capable, or that he should be a god, as the Lord is God of all. And for His handiwork I am at all times mystified.

  12. And I do indeed know that a great many from among mankind would like to kill me for the words that have proceeded from me.   And what insanity is this of me - that I do not have any fear of man, of any man?

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