"Foundations of the World"

   PROLOGUE     1973

A study in nature's fundamentals  for the novice and the professional 




It was in the year of our Lord 1960 that He began to teach me the incoming and outgoing of the world around us, the science, the physics, or understanding if you will of the lower creation, of the physical realm.   And I wrote down all that came to me in no specific order.  Then a dozen years later I began to organize these writings and thought to compose them into book form.

Accordingly, I composed my first volume entitled "Revelations of Physics" which was published in the year 1975.  Meanwhile, in the year 1973 - I began to compose the major, or full volume as it is found here in these web-pages. 

"Priceless gems," is the term for what man may behold in that which came written by my hand.  Priceless indeed, as they have come unto him by gift, a royal gift, which could not have been purchased, nor discovered.

As one goes through these pages here, they were written over a period of more than half a century.  As therefore knowledge and wisdom increased upon me over the years, the pages further to the end are the most recent and contain the fuller understanding of things.  And as knowledge increased in me I did not revise the former pages but left them as they were. Towards the end many were written as essays for the various journals.

Accordingly one will find numerous duplications. since the essays were written from the pages of the book. These nonetheless may prove to be rewarding since in them a greater understanding comes to light.




The Lion of Judah has a mighty sounding voice.  His royal scepter is in His hand.  His servants are all kings, mighty men, before whom nothing is able to stand.  They shall rule the nations with justice and with equity.   Because of Israel and her king is the world in turmoil.  Her very foundations are because of Him.  The universe is at the disposal of His mighty one's Most glorious are those which stand before Him.

It was out of nothing that the world had its beginning, out of nothing at all came forth the dust.  Out of the dust did God make the fair flowers, the flaming suns, and the vessels that house the spirits of men and of beasts. What is man to know the ongoing and outgoing of the Earth?  The Lord laid firm her foundations and no one has found them out.  Yet this very day I am sent to reveal that, which no man has found out, to make known what until now has remain hidden, a token to many peoples.

Hear me you nations great and small; The Lord, the Almighty Lord drew me up with understanding, He appraised my insight with knowledge.  His Spirit of wisdom was my companion to teach me a difference - beholding the powers, and whereby they are moved, what light is in the eyes of men, and many such things as cannot be written.

But what is in the time of day, and how nature bows down in power, and how again it draws upwards in its many fashions, of such things I will speak.  And also of a virgin yet untouched, what electricity is, the real nature of power, what energy is, the dynamics of this world, and how it journeys through space, and also what warmth is, and the absence thereof, and many more such things.

The foundations of natural philosophy, the very basics of science the principles and the beginning of physical being, such are the things given me, and they are laid down, while many shall come and built upon them.  It is in advance, before the time that this shall come to pass that I proclaim these things to you, the year of the Lord being 1973, to the end that you might understand and perceive that it is of a truth that I have spoken.

Hear therefore these words all you who set yourselves upon high mountains declaring to know from where the earth was formed, how its bounds are fastened, the usage of the law, and its interpretation.  You indeed speak many words, yet the basin continues to thirst for moist.  Do you imagine to be wiser than Him who formed the earth?  Are you so great to be teaching Him?  Behold you men; you are nothing.  The Lord will cause you to behold yourselves for what indeed you are, as stubble ready for the fire, and it shall consume you as well as the mountain upon which you stand.

The wise man glories in his knowledge, the crafts-man in his skill, the princes in their excellence.  In their heart they say; "There is no God, by my own I made it".  The world gathers knowledge, they praise their excellence and their wisdom as their own cunning, while of the word of the great Creator they say; "It is not correct."

The nations are proud and foolish, they imagine to have knowledge and understanding.  To a mud-pit they say; "You are my glorification,” and to a stone they say; "By my comprehension you are seduced, I built and I discover".

Therefore now you wise men, and you princes in the earth, attend to me both you physicist and you scientist's you philosophers and you kings.  It has been determined, you will be caught in your own craftiness, and your own cunning will ensnare you.  You are like those walking to the hangman's tree lacing the noose around your own neck.  Yet you do not know it, for so you reason, "Who has ever been hung before?

You are like the owls and like the hawk.  Your dwelling place shall be a wasteland; a snake filled wilderness, the reward of your magnificence.  You rewarded yourselves at the expense of both creation and its Creator.  Therefore your habitat shall be called, "No habitat", both you and your mates with you.  The Lord Almighty has determined, it most certainly will be done; the wise will be made fools, the learned shall be as the unlearned, every high head shall be made low.

Who is he that a-fore time proclaims hidden things?  That rides high upon the wise and ridicules princes?  Who turns magnificent men and molds them as clay bursting them to pieces?  He comes, his statute is small he levels high mountains as were they molehills he walks securely in the knowledge of his God.

The Lord has taken me by the right hand.  I will proclaim His instructions, to declare age-old secrets, to provide insight into deep things, to reveal what no man has found out, and to turn back the wisdom of this age.  And what for you my adversary?  As of yet you are king, as of yet you bear power, but you shall be broken, your cunning shall not prevail.

Attend to me you astronomers in the earth; attend to the words of my mouth.  How will you know the depths of the heavens, or its width?  And you scientists, How shall you think to explore the foundations of the earth?  Your master, that crafty one, has led you upon dead-ends, there is no wisdom in him.  Do not imagine as if you comprehend the circuits of the earth, nor how it moves about, nor how deep its pillar rest.

Listen and give ear to the words of my mouth all you nations in the earth, and you also that have gone under the earth, and let the heavens hear the word of the Lord Almighty by my mouth.  It is not man, no not one of them that shall declare the foundations of the earth, nor shall anyone explore to find them out, nor have I.

I declare, as surely as the Lord Almighty lives, NO MAN has found them out, but by the word of the Lord, by one anointed of Him.  BY ME the Lord Himself declares the foundations of the earth, and Israel shall live.

Attend to me and pay heed.  For I call upon the Lord who ordained me from before the world began, that; - He who shall go forth to proclaim to have found these things out for himself, or from man, let the same be a curse among his people.  And let him who makes it a monument before the people let the same be taken by the curse and let not his name be heard from generation to generation, that all men may fear the Lord.  For surely, lies are more grievous then murder, and deceit more abominable than a whore

Give ear you kindred of Israel, dearly beloved.  Tidings of good news, your warfare has ended, your King has begun the end of your reproach, the beginnings of your joy.  The foundations of the earth are understood, as it was foretold that they would be, but not by man and thus by the word of Jeremiah (31:37) you shall not be cast off.

I bear the seal of your God.  Your Redeemer was my instructor.  You shall live O dearly beloved and reign forever.  Rejoice, for yet a little while and you shall see Him.  I have sworn by the Lord, and I have made confirmation.  The Lord will perform it.  A curse has gone forth, it will seek rest.  Be wise O you men in the earth that it not find you.  This I say to you, be wise.

But as for you, you that dream dreams, and imagine vain things, it is by your foolish imagination that you proclaim the nature of things, or how the world moves upon its foundation, trying also to justify its purpose, or to define its beginning, and how it will end.  You allow yourselves to be prophets of scientific events, causing the people to fear a lie and to believe upon a corrupt thing.  Make no vain expectations.  I have not come to bring glory to your cause.  Contend with me if you must, but I will not portray myself as a meek subject, for you are exceedingly proud, but I wilt be what I am in the power of Him that upholds me.

Who am I that I should have eyes, and that you should be blind?  Your desire is in yourself therein you fail.  While it is of Him who fashioned all things which you so proudly aim to explain after your own cunning that I have eyes, and neither you nor I can change this.

You value a man according to a Ph.D., and that given by man.  Will you refuse mine, which is given of a higher order?  Will you make me out as self educated and lacking formal education?  Are not all creatures born naked?  Must they not therefore receive instructions from somewhere?  Or shall man propose to be wise of himself? 

For I also sat in education, and received instructions from a Teacher, the greatest of all teachers, and for years not few.  I do not seek my own glory, but truth.  Will one continually say;  “He thinks," and never know a thing?  O that you would take learning from wisdom, for the education by men is not perpetual, while life and everlasting joy is the end reward of all that acquire wisdom.

From where is wisdom, and from where is understanding?  It is not in man, nor in the leaders of man.  Science cannot contain it, for in its whole science is only a fragment of the hem of her garment, and like the crumb fallen from the table - men reach for it and call it, “The great endowment of knowledge”.  Philosophers have come and gone one wise man after the other.  They dreamed of greatness, but in vain they have dreamed, for in God only is wisdom and understanding, and they that are born of Him receive it.  Like as Jesus Ben Sirach said, "I have neither the mind of man, nor am I as God.  I searched for Wisdom to take her to myself, and I seek her still."

What is Wisdom that fools imagine to possess, and which the wise continue to seek?  I cannot tell you what wisdom is, or how to find her although she is my companion and the source of my understanding.  For Wisdom cannot be found except one is found of her.  Yet I shall not hide from you the key to her beholding. 

For in the fear of the Lord there is the key.  The secret of her is to fear the Lord, and to keep His ways before you.  In God is wisdom, by Him we breathe upon the circle of this earth.  He alone shall rule it.  Also it is by Him alone that man has understanding and skill to form the things that are found of him.

I will open my mouth.  I will speak of many things, my purpose will be fulfilled, and my arm shall be against the strong.  Your strength will fail, and likewise your wisdom.  I will prosper in my way; I will fulfill my desire, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Consider that victory has gone before me, and that before the battle takes it toll, or err you knew me, victory was at my side.  Who shall stand against his Maker?  Think again and be silent.

I very well know that man is not about to hear my words, nor accept my teaching, the Lord however will cause them to hear whether they like it or do not like it, for so it is written:

  "A mighty sounding voice," so the angel said, and the word will be of the end, while also the foundations of the earth are understood”.

After my name.

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